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In light of the recent pandemic, we recognize the need for to produce modules that schools can use until in person programs and assemblies become viable again. Here are some sample videos of modules that COMMON CHORDS has developed for K-12 and home school programs. 

Our Programs

Detroit: Twenty Minutes Apart

Detroit: 20 Minutes Apart is a two-man theatrical presentation about neighborhoods, race and friendship.  Robert and Matt growing up during the 1960s in urban and suburban neighborhoods, respectively, they were not just separated by distance but also by the fears and attitudes that would lead to Detroit's 1967 uprising. Those twenty minutes may as well have been a world apart.


Despite the early influences on their attitudes about race and neighborhood, Matt and Robert came together as friends and have maintained a musical career for more than 35 years.  Through a musical conversation presented through songs and stories, the duo explores both their diverse backgrounds and their shared appreciation for music and common roots.

The original production of Detroit: Twenty Minutes Apart  was funded by the Kresge Foundation and performed at the Marygrove College Theater in February 2020.  This show is adaptable in length and visual imagery for performances in schools, libraries, museums and other venues.

Please contact us for more information.

My Story Is

Through songs and stories, My Story Is His/Her/Their-Story encourages participants to frame and communicate their unique histories, and, at the same time, to appreciate our commonalities be hearing the stories of others.  Our stories help to make us unique, but they can often make it difficult to work with others from different backgrounds.

Matt and Robert use the lessons that they have learned from music, songwriting, literature and the visual arts to help participants to craft their own personal story.

This interactive program can serve as a diversity workshop appropriate for businesses, schools and other organizations.

Special Programs

Common Chords also collaborates with businesses, schools and other institutions to provide enhancement and guidance for their own ongoing diversity programs. Contact us to find out more

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Music That Matters


Music That Matters is Common Chords' most popular school program. For more than 30 years Robert and Matt have brought American Folk and popular music to students as a way to learn about American history and culture. Starting with the Spiritual and ending with Rap and Hip-Hop, students take a musical journey through American History and Social Studies. 

"Music That Matters" demonstrates how ever style of American music has been enriched by listening to other styles. Students gain a deep appreciation for the roots of our nation's music and its interconnectedness over time.

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For more information--Call David Tamulevich at (734) 622-8337 or email us at

COMMON CHORDS is a recognized 501c3 organization. Your contributions help us to bring our programs to schools and communities that could not afford them otherwise.  If you would like to help please donate.

Educational Modules

Educational Modules

Educational Modules
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Montgomery Bus Boycott

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America's Music

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