• Robert Jones

Robert and Matt Celebrate A New CD and Common Chords Concerts in 2019

Robert Jones and Matt Watroba will be featuring their new recording “Common Chords” at Trinity House Theatre on Saturday, January 19 at 8 p.m. This is their first recording as a duo and consists of songs from the blues, gospel and folk traditions that serve as the foundation of contemporary American music. These songs are also the basis of their school and community programs presented by their nonprofit organization Common Chords (

Information on the Trinity House concert can be found at the following link: matt-watroba-and-robert-jones-january-19-2019

Robert was recently featured on the WXYZ news show “Taking Action for Detroit.” He talked about Detroit’s resiliency and performed his original song “This Old House," on a guitar made from reclaimed wood by craftsman Gary Zimnicki. The song was inspired by a guitar that  Zimnicki made from the remnants of a house on Trumbull. 

Check out the feature at the following link:


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