Detroit: 20 Minutes Apart

Detroit: 20 Minutes Apart is a musical  conversation about neighborhoods, race and friendship.  Robert and Matt grew up in very different neighborhoods, roughly 20 minutes apart, namely in Detroit and Plymouth, one of Detroit's suburbs.  However, these two boys were not just separated by distance, they were seperated by the fears and attitudes that stemmed from Detroit's 1967 uprising. Those  twenty minutes may as well have been a world apart. 


Even though many attitudes about race and neighborhoods helped to shape  their background, Matt and Robert have maintained a musical career and a friendship for over 30 years.  


Detroit: 20 Minutes Apart is a two man theatrical presentation, made possible by a generous AXD grant from the Kresge Foundation, that explores the differences that tend to separate us and the commonalities that allow us to come together.  It is adaptable in length and visual imagery for performance in theaters, libraries and other institutions.

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