Connecting Communities Through Music and The Arts

Robert Jones and Matt Watroba are veteran performers.  Robert was born in Detroit while Matt was born approximately 20 minutes away in the suburb of Plymouth.  Matt fell in love early on with Folk music.  Robert became a student of traditional Blues.  When they first played together they found that they had a common musical language, and they played Country music all night.  This discovery of common ground led to a friendship and musical partnership that has lasted more than 30 years.  This discovery also eventually gave rise to COMMON CHORDS.


Over those years, Robert and Matt have performed for audiences of all ages.  In fact, it is estimated that they have done educational assemblies in over 1,000 schools for more than 300,000 students.  In the process they discovered that American Roots music has a great deal to teach us about the beauty of diversity as well as teaching us about our past, our present and our future

We Believe That Art Saves Lives! Therefore our mission is to give everyday people the tools of artistic expression.


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